Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Around the world #2 : Little Caesar Pizzeria

Hey fellow foodies,

I guess blogging on the go was a fail , aye ? I'm very sorry as i couldn't find good internet connection to be able to blog past 2 weeks (a thousand apologies). Let's start with my favourite pizzeria in Perth, Little Caesars.

Boasting their accolades of wins in Australia and USA, Little Caesars offers a wide variety from classics,innovative, fusion and the best of all Dessert pizzas. I can guarantee you that every pizza you order is great and can be rated 7 or higher.

From top to bottom: Oysters Kilpatrick, Janes Addiction(Bacon +Prawns), Greek Lamb
Back: MDG(Eggplant)

The cool thing about this place is their pizzas are served in tiers when you order 2 or more and it's a great place for families or friends to share. All the pizzas are roughly 15 dollars and higher so it's definitely higher end than Dominos . But who cares!? The taste it amazing!

They have three locations in Perth in Leederville, Mundaring and Sorrento Quay (Hillary's boat harbour) so do CHECK THEM OUT!

Visit their website for more info too

*squeals with a slice of chocolate mudhoney pizza*


Friday, 22 February 2013

Around the world #1: Katong, Singapore

Hey foodies ,

I've just arrived in Singapore for a really short trip and decided to blog on the go. During the last trip to Singapore around 3-4 years ago I missed out on a local favourite. It is non other than the famed Katong Laksa , in the heart of Katong itself. About 100-200 meters away from Odeon Katong is where this gem is located.

4 Singaporean Dollars which is so worth it

Juicy prawns and fat rice vermicelli noodles

I cannot really rate the Katong Laksa because this is the only one i've eaten thus far but it's really yummy. Delicious curry base with the torch ginger flower underlying tone leaves you craving for more. Try it with the spicy sambal for extra kick. 

Visit Them at:
328 Katong Laksa ,51 East Coast Road

To cool off after a tiring walk round the Katong area , I got some bubble tea from ShareTea from Parkway Parade shopping centre

$2.90 Medium Pearl Milk Tea. Not too great to shout about but good mini pearls nonetheless

$3.50 Medium Taro Milk Tea with White Pearls. Love the drink not the pearls. Taste like melted yam potong ice cream. Yummy for your tummy!

More to come soon foodies! Stay tuned 

Friday, 15 February 2013

Quick Bites #11 : Rumah Hijau

A place i frequent a lot for indoor and air-conditioned settting for Indonesian/Malay/Mamak food. And yes this place is absolutely Halal. Rumah Hijau is known for their good ayam penyet, varieties of rotis and other malay fares. One can also get a good slice of cake or their selections of "kuihs" under the cloches at their dessert table.   

Indian Rojak. 
Rating : 8/10
Laden with satay sauce, jicama, tofu, fritters, eggs and fried chicken it's a great plate to share. My personal favorite for Indian Rojak is at King's Curry but Rumah Hijau's ain't too bad for its price. 

Rating: 9/10
The famed Ayam Penyet which is a spiced fried chicken served with rice and selection of local salads. I particularly love the crispy spicy bits on top of the chicken. Crunchy and yummy! If you're not a fan of veggies or rice, you can get the chicken just for Rm 5.00

I would go to Rumah Hijau if you're looking to indulge in fried food, sweet drinks and sink your teeth into sinful desserts. Mark my words, you'll find their menu lacking in gym-friendly meals as they are all highly calorific. Peak hours during Lunch and Dinner may cause a slower service than normal as well.

Visit Rumah Hijau at:

Thursday, 7 February 2013

Happy Chinese New Year

Hey fellow foodies,

In the spirit of the Chinese New Year, Food For Thrones would like to wish our readers a Happy and Prosperous New Year!!

At the moment we are not updating this week as everyone is busy with their new year preparations, we are taking time off to enjoy more food.

Updates will come soon next week! And perhaps some festive recipes :)

Gong Xi Gong Xi!

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Quick Bites #10 : Spicy Noodles with Fried Wantan

Located at Brighton Square, Life Cafe is renowned for its spicy noodles (RM 7.50). Add another RM1 and you can order Spicy Noodles with Fried Wantan! The fried wantan is delicious and really goes well with the noodles.

Spicy Noodles can be served in three ways : "small spicy", "medium spicy" and "large spicy". Extra noodles or extra spicy sauce can be added on for another RM 1.50 each.

Rating : 8/10
Price : RM 8.50

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Honest Review : Gourmet Sausage Kuching

Gourmet sausage is quite a popular western dining restaurant in Brighton Square and as its name suggests, they are known for their sausages. We decided to pay this restaurant a visit and we ordered the Six Tiger Meal ( Rm 99.90) which comprises a serving of coleslaw, mashed potatoes, a burger, a bowl of spaghetti bolognaise , pork ribs, chicken fillets, pork sausages, satays , fries , 3 bowls of mushroom soup and 3 bowls of ice cream.

Coleslaw: 8/10
A favorite of everyone and we wished we could have more . Personally i would i rate it higher if there is lesser dressing as it is a tiny bit too sweet. 

Mashed Potatoes : 7.5/10
Another hit as we like the very natural and slightly chunky mashed potatoes unlike mass produced powdered ones avaliable in fast food chains. The amount again is too little for 6 people and i would lick the plate clean if they had the KFC style gravy. 

Mushroom Soup : Rating undeserved 
At first taste it was super bland and all you could taste was the shiitake mushroom after taste slightly bittersweet. After much addition of salt and pepper it was more palatable . However, i feel that this dish is poorly executed because it was beautifully presented. I hope Gourmet sausage would rethink their recipe. It needs cream, good chicken stock, butter,splash of white wine and sweated onions to lift the soup more.

Spaghetti Bolognaise: 8/10
I actually like the spaghetti bolognaise as it has a twist of pork sausages in them. I only wished there was more pasta as the sauce and meat kinda overwhelm the dish. It felt more like beef stew with pasta as the garnish. 

The Platter : Burger, Fries, Ribs, Sausages, Satays, Chicken Fillet
Rating: 7/10

There are some hits and misses for the last course . We think Gourmet Sausage has the best fries in Kuching as the seasoning on them are really nice. A great suggestion would to include options of shoestring size chips or wedges. Burger was also a favourite and so was the juicy sausages. I would definitely come here if i am craving for western sausages unlike our heavily processed sausages in the freezer. The meats on the other hand were on the dry size which is a shame as they are nicely flavoured. For example, the meat on the ribs were dry and flaky which is a sign that the  ribs have been overcooked. I hope it's not the same for our readers

Other highlights: 
1. The Tabasco sauce and mustard ran out and wasn't replenished on the counter. There should have been more condiments and sauces available for customers
2. A refill of ice water ended up being an additional order which is contrary to the "free flow of water" statement on the menu. Though it was an honest mistake, it is the principle that counts. 
3. Service from the waiter or waitresses were not attentive enough. For example, they did not clear the empty plates or dishes after the course quickly enough making it difficult for customers to eat as more dishes arrive. 

The experience at Gourmet sausage overall was great because of a clean cosy environment and mostly good food for the night. We did end on a sweet note , LITERALLY, because we had free ice cream and lollipops , a kind gesture from their restaurant to the customers. Prices are really affordable and we recommend this place to anyone who is looking for yummy sausages and western meals. It is not a huge restaurant but a good size for 10-20 people if you're thinking to go as a group.

Cheers! *Clanging of Root Beer glasses*

Visit them at :

Friday, 25 January 2013

Off the Shelves : Royce Chocolate

Since the Chinese New Year and  Valentine's day is coming up, what better than to review yummy chocolates. Royce chocolates, a premier brand which can only unfortunately be ordered from KL or Japan 
Visit their page at

Rm 45 chocolatey goodness.

Yummy chocolate truffles and i highly recommend it. I rate it 9/10 as each truffles melt in your mouth.