Friday, 15 February 2013

Quick Bites #11 : Rumah Hijau

A place i frequent a lot for indoor and air-conditioned settting for Indonesian/Malay/Mamak food. And yes this place is absolutely Halal. Rumah Hijau is known for their good ayam penyet, varieties of rotis and other malay fares. One can also get a good slice of cake or their selections of "kuihs" under the cloches at their dessert table.   

Indian Rojak. 
Rating : 8/10
Laden with satay sauce, jicama, tofu, fritters, eggs and fried chicken it's a great plate to share. My personal favorite for Indian Rojak is at King's Curry but Rumah Hijau's ain't too bad for its price. 

Rating: 9/10
The famed Ayam Penyet which is a spiced fried chicken served with rice and selection of local salads. I particularly love the crispy spicy bits on top of the chicken. Crunchy and yummy! If you're not a fan of veggies or rice, you can get the chicken just for Rm 5.00

I would go to Rumah Hijau if you're looking to indulge in fried food, sweet drinks and sink your teeth into sinful desserts. Mark my words, you'll find their menu lacking in gym-friendly meals as they are all highly calorific. Peak hours during Lunch and Dinner may cause a slower service than normal as well.

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