Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Around the world #2 : Little Caesar Pizzeria

Hey fellow foodies,

I guess blogging on the go was a fail , aye ? I'm very sorry as i couldn't find good internet connection to be able to blog past 2 weeks (a thousand apologies). Let's start with my favourite pizzeria in Perth, Little Caesars.

Boasting their accolades of wins in Australia and USA, Little Caesars offers a wide variety from classics,innovative, fusion and the best of all Dessert pizzas. I can guarantee you that every pizza you order is great and can be rated 7 or higher.

From top to bottom: Oysters Kilpatrick, Janes Addiction(Bacon +Prawns), Greek Lamb
Back: MDG(Eggplant)

The cool thing about this place is their pizzas are served in tiers when you order 2 or more and it's a great place for families or friends to share. All the pizzas are roughly 15 dollars and higher so it's definitely higher end than Dominos . But who cares!? The taste it amazing!

They have three locations in Perth in Leederville, Mundaring and Sorrento Quay (Hillary's boat harbour) so do CHECK THEM OUT!

Visit their website for more info too

*squeals with a slice of chocolate mudhoney pizza*


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