Thursday, 24 January 2013

Bubble Talk: Easy drink, Easy Go

We have a new segment entitled bubble talk where wewill review drinks on the go, mostly bubble teas.

So we decided to taste test Easy Drink, Easy Go which is located at The Spring basement level . First glance, it's hard to decide a drink to choose and their prices because of the limited amount of menus (only 2 that day) which i think is the major cause of the queue.

Rm 5.90 Signature bubble milk tea
Overall rating : 6.5/10
Milk tea : Taste okay but a bit too milky in my opinion. One can taste the distinct creamer taste
Tapioca pearls : Slightly too soft but good pearls nonetheless

To make a fair judgement of each bubble tea shop we decided to taste the basic of basics, their signature bubble milk tea. No flavourings, no frills.  Contrary to popular belief, the bubble in bubble milk tea are not the tapioca pearls but rather the milky froth from shaking the tea in the shaker or machine. Thus there was confusion when i was ordering my drink .

The great thing about this shop is large size for Rm 5.90 which is good considering it is more expensive than normal bubble tea shops out there. The other popular *coughchatimecough* size isn't as big as this. I was very impressed with super sturdy cups which is great for those who are driving or on the go where most give flimsy plastic or paper cups. I believe it wouldn't even give a dent if you drop it from waist height.

I'm also impressed that there are sugar levels to choose from and they do pay attention towards it as compared to Dingtea or Chatime who still GAVE me sugar in my drinks. That deserve a rant for another day. As i can't have sugar in my drinks, i kow-tow to Easy Drink, Easy Go for this. By the way you can opt for brown sugar or gula melaka which is kinda interesting to hear.

Conclusively, if you are thirsty, need a large drink and craving for milk tea which won't empty your wallet, do  give Easy Drink, Easy Go a try.

p/s: Googling them online reveals that this isn't a Taiwanese franchise but rather a franchise selling Taiwanese style bubble milk tea. It should be a Malaysian based company.

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