Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Honest Review : Gourmet Sausage Kuching

Gourmet sausage is quite a popular western dining restaurant in Brighton Square and as its name suggests, they are known for their sausages. We decided to pay this restaurant a visit and we ordered the Six Tiger Meal ( Rm 99.90) which comprises a serving of coleslaw, mashed potatoes, a burger, a bowl of spaghetti bolognaise , pork ribs, chicken fillets, pork sausages, satays , fries , 3 bowls of mushroom soup and 3 bowls of ice cream.

Coleslaw: 8/10
A favorite of everyone and we wished we could have more . Personally i would i rate it higher if there is lesser dressing as it is a tiny bit too sweet. 

Mashed Potatoes : 7.5/10
Another hit as we like the very natural and slightly chunky mashed potatoes unlike mass produced powdered ones avaliable in fast food chains. The amount again is too little for 6 people and i would lick the plate clean if they had the KFC style gravy. 

Mushroom Soup : Rating undeserved 
At first taste it was super bland and all you could taste was the shiitake mushroom after taste slightly bittersweet. After much addition of salt and pepper it was more palatable . However, i feel that this dish is poorly executed because it was beautifully presented. I hope Gourmet sausage would rethink their recipe. It needs cream, good chicken stock, butter,splash of white wine and sweated onions to lift the soup more.

Spaghetti Bolognaise: 8/10
I actually like the spaghetti bolognaise as it has a twist of pork sausages in them. I only wished there was more pasta as the sauce and meat kinda overwhelm the dish. It felt more like beef stew with pasta as the garnish. 

The Platter : Burger, Fries, Ribs, Sausages, Satays, Chicken Fillet
Rating: 7/10

There are some hits and misses for the last course . We think Gourmet Sausage has the best fries in Kuching as the seasoning on them are really nice. A great suggestion would to include options of shoestring size chips or wedges. Burger was also a favourite and so was the juicy sausages. I would definitely come here if i am craving for western sausages unlike our heavily processed sausages in the freezer. The meats on the other hand were on the dry size which is a shame as they are nicely flavoured. For example, the meat on the ribs were dry and flaky which is a sign that the  ribs have been overcooked. I hope it's not the same for our readers

Other highlights: 
1. The Tabasco sauce and mustard ran out and wasn't replenished on the counter. There should have been more condiments and sauces available for customers
2. A refill of ice water ended up being an additional order which is contrary to the "free flow of water" statement on the menu. Though it was an honest mistake, it is the principle that counts. 
3. Service from the waiter or waitresses were not attentive enough. For example, they did not clear the empty plates or dishes after the course quickly enough making it difficult for customers to eat as more dishes arrive. 

The experience at Gourmet sausage overall was great because of a clean cosy environment and mostly good food for the night. We did end on a sweet note , LITERALLY, because we had free ice cream and lollipops , a kind gesture from their restaurant to the customers. Prices are really affordable and we recommend this place to anyone who is looking for yummy sausages and western meals. It is not a huge restaurant but a good size for 10-20 people if you're thinking to go as a group.

Cheers! *Clanging of Root Beer glasses*

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