Friday, 25 January 2013

Bubble Talk : Chatime

Hitting the shores of Kuching just recently, Chatime, a worldwide brand for bubble tea has been raved over crazily by bubble tea fanatics. After a displeasing order previously, I've decided to give it another chance to review their Pearl Milk Tea. 

Rm 6.90 for a Large size Pearl Milk Tea. 
Just like Easy Drink Easy Go, Chatime equally has the same problem of not having adequate amount of menus. It would be easier if they use the advertisement boards and display more prices as it will help speed up the ordering process. The great thing is that their menus are more readable and clear. 

Chatime workers hard at work. 
Waiting time: 5 minutes without queue

Testing their customer service again, i ordered non-sugar Pearl Milk Tea and yet again, he failed to hear it can kept on repeating normal sugar. I had to repeat non-sugar till he got it . I would suggest using the numerical system of 100, 70, 50, 30, 0% instead of normal, non, less, more which is so subjective. 

Palm sized comparison of the Pearl Milk tea
Rate: 7/10 

Tasting their milk tea , the flavour of the tea leaves is more evident than Easy Drink Easy go but by a very small margin. The pearls are much nicer as it is more "QQ" or chewy however sometimes inconsistent. 

In a nutshell, it's a battle of quality over quantity. Rm 5.90 Easy Drink Easy Go which is huge or Rm6.90 for a smaller but better tasting tea and pearls? Rm1 can make a difference :)

Visit this store at the 3rd floor of The Spring near the MBO cinemas. 

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